Raw Material and Ironmaking

Iron ore (pellets, lumps, sinter, briquettes): Physical, chemical and metallurgical properties. Limestones and dolomites. Chemical and physical characterization. Laboratory calcinations. Characterization of the calcined. Coals, Cokes, Graphites: Immediate and elementary analysis. Fertilizers: Determination of Sulphur and Total Nitrogen.

Rolling and Products

Studies on hot and cold deformation processes, defect analysis, improvements in designs of shaped products, networking and monitoring with manufacturers and users of steel (agricultural, automotive, white line, packaging). Process simulation through hot torsion tests.


Technological development, technical assistance, problem solving, plant follow-ups, courses and staff training.

Refractory Materials

Chemical, mineralogical, microstructural, physical, mechanical and thermal characterization of the different types of refractory materials. Post mortem studies. Simulations of process conditions. Static and dynamic corrosion tests. Thermo-differential analysis - thermogravimetric (ATD-TG). Permeability tests. Treatments under different atmospheres in ovens up to 1700ºC.


Physical and mathematical simulation of crucible and blast furnace channel, oxygen converter, ladle, tundish, nozzle-mold system.