Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia is a non-profit civil entity, established in 1972 by Argentine steel companies. IAS has its administration and laboratories in San Nicolás de los Arroyos, semi-industrial facilities in Ramallo and offices in Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.

The three main areas are:

» Process Assistance Division: It includes technological development, technical assistance,"troubleshooting" and personnel training, on steel raw materials, new raw materials from the reuse of steel by-products, briquetting, pelletizing, reduction, steelmaking, continuous casting, refractory, rolling and product development. It has laboratories for carbonaceous materials, iron ore and reduction, hydraulic models, refractory and slag, melting and casting and simulation of hot deformation processes by torsion.


» Service Laboratories Division: It performs different activities, such as: Chemical and environmental analysis; physical tests, failure analysis and characterization of materials; control of pressure vessels and boilers; measurement of gaseous emissions and air quality; metallographies, metallographic replicas, electron microscopy analysis and EDS. Services are mainly carried out to steel companies and to a wide spectrum of companies from different areas, support is also provided to the IAS Processes area.

» Institutional Services Division: It organizes Courses, Conferences, Events and International Conferences, publishes the Siderurgia Noticias IAS digital journal, manages an Information Center and spreads its activities through social networks and the media.


To be a private non-profit institution with identity, structure and organization capable of carrying out the institutional, research, technological and professional development tasks required to accompany the steel development and its related activities.

Representing the Steel Industry before governmental or non-governmental, national or international, technical, scientific, economic, standardization and any other related activity organizations.

Promoting activities with other organizations in order to deepen the participation of the Steel Industry in daily life.

Performing research and development tasks aimed at optimizing processes and products and promoting the use of steel.

Extending the activities of the Institute to industry in general and especially to SMEs through technical assistance activities and services in order to optimize their products, technologies and costs.

Training current and future steel industry personnel, either with the own means or in association with companies or other organizations.


An Institute that operates according to high standards and fully meets the expectations of its customers, maintaining an efficient and balanced exchange of knowledge and personal and technological resources with other similar Institutions.

Applying continuous improvement and teamwork as key elements for total quality assurance.

Providing services and maintaining research and development programs of equal or better quality than the competition, making all resources available to fully satisfy customers, committing to their needs and generating an advantage, in terms of total value, in order to make them consider the Institute as their preferential supplier.