Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia establishes the satisfaction, with security and reliability, of the needs and expectations of its clients as its policy.

Within the framework of this policy, it is a permanent obligation to ensure the quality of our services, the fulfilment of the commitments acquired with the client, their satisfaction and exceeding their expectations, facts that contribute to maintaining and improving leadership in the provision of our services.

In accordance with our Quality Policy, the following objectives are established:

»To evaluate the needs and level of satisfaction of our customers.
»To keep our staff trained as part of the program of continuing quality improvement.
»To maintain indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of our processes.
»To develop improvement plans to continuously improve the performance of the Quality Management System and its processes.
»To eliminate / prevent the causes that cause non-compliance with the specified requirements.
»To evaluate and select our suppliers based on the quality of their products / services.
»To encourage continuous improvement and teamwork.